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Gerald is getting older.

With that, frustration and disconnect grow with his love for comics, video games, and animation. Everything that is considered to be nerd-centric hobbies that Gerald loved has now become a burden.

He gathers up his entire collection and is prepared to take it all to the garbage. However, his mind becomes engulfed in a violent internal struggle.

Locked in the battle across a war-scarred wasteland with himself. Gerard is forced to face various heroes, villains, monsters and everything that has inspired and terrified him.




About "35"

"35" takes the reader on a journey through the visual mind field that can arise from the battle of getting older and finding inspiration in those things that have helped us become who we are, and not being afraid to tear down those walls in order to grow. Such a fun read!"

- Christy Jedigoddess, Creator & Movie Maven,

Praise for "35"

"I really loved 35. When I read it, it started out as a delightful stream of consciousness, but by the end, it had a plot and depth that surprised me. Highly recommended."

- Michael Lagocki, Co-Founder, Artlovemagic

Anthony Harris'  debut comic "35" blends cartoon ultra-violence, pop-culture references, and masterful graphic storytelling to spin a surprisingly personal and entertaining tale, in a full-length comic sporting less words than a tweet.


- Samax Amen, Artist & Creator,

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