Gerald Benton Art

By Anthony C. Harris


Anthony C. Harris came into the world on September 5, 1979, in Dallas, TX. He spent Saturday mornings watching action cartoons Japanese giant robots, monster battles, and vaudeville rabbits and ducks.  At age 10, his aunt gave him his first comic book: Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline. His newfound obsession hit him like a sound effect in a word balloon.



  In the winter of 1999, he attended Savannah College of Art and Design for sequential art (comics) and 2-d Animation. There he met other comic book artists including future collaborator Wayne C. Spencer. In the summer of 2002, he became the cliché of the college drop out.

He moved backed to Dallas briefly before traveling to McKinney, Tx. He spent his time learning watercolor and making comics. In 2003, Anthony then stepped into the comic book convention scene as an indie (independent artist). At this time he also began his watercolor series of Jazz Singers, titled the "Moonlit Singers".



Jump to 2011, he joined the local Dallas arts organization, ArtLoveMagic, becoming a regular in the Dallas art scene. He has participated in various workshops, fundraisers, and underground/traveling art shows.  Monster Month, (2011-2017), was an annual 31-day drawing challenge in October that he participated in. It began as just an exercise in drawing monsters to becoming a full community of creatives. 2016 saw the emergence of his LLC, Gerald Benton Art, named after his own iconic character of the same name.  Anthony then published his first comic book, "35", in 2017 in collaboration with fellow comics artist Wayne C. Spencer.

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